Tourism License Renewal Fees for 2021 are Exempted

The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the Cambodian tourism industry is being felt.   As a measure to relieve the burden of the tourism operators and promote the tourism industry in Cambodia, the Ministry of Tourism (“MOT”) has imposed exemption on payment of renewal fees of all types of tourism license for 2021.   Pursuant to the MOT’s Notification 266 on Implementation of Additional Measures of the Royal Government on Renewal Fee Exemption of All Types of Tourism License for 2021 dated 8 June 2020, the following measures are applied.

Renewal of Tourism Licenses for 2021 

The fees for renewal of all tourism licenses for 2021 are exempted for tourism operators having a valid tourism license.   The exemption period is from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021.   During this exemption period, the filings for renewal of tourism licenses are required as usual. 

Please note that the above exemption is not applicable to applications for new or renewed tourism licenses for 2020 or applications for new tourism licenses for 2021.   In addition, the public official fees for grading tourism services are required as usual.


Except for the exemption of the renewal fees of tourism licenses for 2021 above, any violation of the tourism license requirements and Annex 3 of the Inter-Ministrial Prakas 160 on Public Services and Fines by the MOT dated 17 February 2020 is subject to financial penalty. 

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