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Our Expertise in Labour Law

Why is legal support on managing your employees in accordance with employment law and practical perspectives essential for your business success? It is globally agreed that employees are crucial to the success of a company due to their involvement in every step of production or service processes and their interaction with customers. Content and motivated employees have the probability to generate better productivity, commitments and valuable contributions to the business.

At SBC Law Office, we are well positioned for providing trusted employment law advice and solutions. Our experts have more than 10 years of experience in providing labour law advice, designing and reviewing employment contracts, internal work rules, and other human resource related policies and documents in compliance with employment law. We assist your company to meet the minimum standards required by the labour regulations and mitigate employment law related risks including labour disputes.


Our team supports local and multinational companies across different sectors such as banks, insurance companies, hospitality and entertainment companies, garment and textile manufacturing companies, construction companies, information technology companies, telecommunication companies, pharmaceutical companies, schools, non-governmental organizations, and religious organizations. Our supports include drafting, advising and reviewing employment contracts, independent consultant contracts, labour outsourcing contracts, internal work rules, employee handbooks, human resource internal policies, employment termination and exit documents, calculation on termination benefits, and employee transfers.

We have substantial experience in labour dispute prevention and resolution. Our team has experience in assisting labour arbitrators in complex, sensitive and high-value cases at the Arbitration Council of Cambodia, the most important body mandated by the Labor Law for providing collective labor dispute resolutions. We provide our clients with consistent and effective methodology in labour arbitration cases and proven legal strategies based on important arbitration jurisprudence in a cost-effective manner. Further, our team has recognized experience in representing multinational companies in negotiations and conciliations on labor disputes with labour unions based on proven legal strategies, public relations and commercial objectives.


Our team has the required expertise for conducting labour right audit at enterprises or establishments through desk review and on-site visit. Furthermore, we provide reliable compliance advice based on the labour audit standards of the ILO - Better Factories Cambodia (ILO-BFC) and the Labour Inspection Department of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training (“MLVT”).


Our main priority is to make contributions to your business growth. We understand that capacity building of your company or organization's human resource management on labour law and best practice is essential for your business success. We differentiate ourselves by providing you with practical labor law training topics based on our experience of more than a decade in this field. We offer training topics that best fit with your business capacity building program and commercial objectives.


We can assist you with labour registration with the MLVT and the National Social Security Fund (“NSSF”). Our labour registration services include:

Initial Labour Registration with the MLVT:

(1) Declaration of Opening of an Enterprise;

(2) Declaration of Employees;

(3) Establishment Book;

(4) Payroll Ledger; and

(5) Employment Books of Cambodians.

Employment of Foreign Employees Registration with the MLVT:

(1) Foreign Employee Quota Application; and

(2) Foreign Employee Work Permit Application.

Labour Registration for Companies having at least Eight Employees:

(1) Election of Employee Representatives (Shop Stewards); and

(2) Drafting Standard Internal Work Rules.