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Our Expertise in Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Your choice of lawyer define your prospect of success. At SBC Law Office, we treat your disputes as our disputes. Your success in every step of the proceedings of dispute settlement is our priority.

Winning a dispute is not sufficient. A successful dispute resolution with minimal disruption to commercial relationship is our definition of success. We take great care of every step of your case through incorporation of your commercial objectives into our proven legal strategies. We assist and advise clients in alternative dispute resolution in labour disputes, commercial arbitration and litigation.


A good labour relation is the backbone of a smooth daily business operation. Our team is entirely dedicated to improving employee relation with the staff representatives and labour unions. We have recognized experience in representing multinational companies in negotiations and conciliations on large-scaled labour disputes based on proven legal strategies, public relations and commercial objectives.

Our team is well positioned for the expertise in labour arbitration disputes. Our team has experience in assisting labour arbitrators in complex, sensitive and high-value cases at the Arbitration Council of Cambodia, the most important body mandated by the Labor Law for providing collective labor dispute resolutions. We provide our clients with consistent and effective methodology in labour arbitration cases and proven legal strategies based on important arbitration jurisprudence in a cost-effective manner.


Expediency and confidentiality is the cornerstones of commercial dispute resolution. We combine our proven legal strategies and your commercial objectives to shape the outcome of your case.

SBC Law Office provides a highly qualified team to support you from the start of commercial disputes to the enforcement of an arbitral award. Our team draws from the experience in international arbitration cases to defend our clients' case in their best interests.

With combined experience of international arbitration and local knowledge, we assist clients through all complexities in a cost effective manner from drafting an arbitration clause, selecting the seat of arbitration, representing clients in arbitral proceedings and enforcing an arbitral award. We are well positioned for our advocacy in Khmer and English languages.


Choosing the right lawyer is crucial in all litigation disputes. We provide a dedicated team for listening to every detail of your concerns and guiding you throughout every stage of the proceedings.

Our team draws upon past experience, proven strategic approaches and local knowledge to accommodate the particular needs of the cases. Our priority is to minimize the complexities of the disputes, disruption to our clients' business, costs and risks of future litigation. We are well positioned for our full and comprehensive services in advising, assisting and advocating for our clients in every stage of the proceedings and at every level of courts.