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Our Expertise in Capital Market

Access to capital is the cornerstone of building and sustaining a successful business. At SBC Law Office, we provide truly comprehensive advice on capital market in Cambodia.

A company may have different finance options to consider. The choice of financing should reflect the company's needs for on-going operation and growth objectives. The Cambodian government has incentivized businesses to raise capital through the securities market in the forms of equity securities, debt securities and derivative securities. Understanding the legal requirements and incentives in each type of securities is crucial to make an informed decision on the choice of financing that corresponds to the business goals.

Our team is devoted to provide extensive advice in the equity securities, debt securities and derivative securities. Through our strong knowledge in the securities sector, we offer cutting-edge and practical solutions and assist clients to navigate the capital market requirements. Your understanding of the capital market in Cambodia and your choice of the most suitable approach to get financing in the securities market is our priority.

Our service include:

(1) advice on securities regulations;

(2) legal due diligence;

(3) legal support on prospectus;

(4) drafting and reviewing securities-related agreements; and

(5) general assistance in the capital market.