The Management of the Advertisement of Goods and Services

The Royal Government of Cambodia issued Sub-Decree No. 232 on the Management of the Advertisement of Goods and Services on 4th November 2022 (“Sub-Decree 232”) with the purpose to protect consumers and encourage fair competition.

There are two types of advertisements: advertisement with prizes and advertisement without prizes. The advertisement with prizes refers to the advertisement that offers souvenirs or lucky draw tickets and other rewards attached to the goods and services. The advertiser has the obligation to specify the total number of the goods with the prizes, type, and quantity of the prizes, duration for offering the prizes, the place for collecting the prizes, and the announcement of the identity of the winners on a monthly and yearly basis. Forms and means of advertising goods and services include audiovisual media, electronic systems, publication, billboards, stage performances, leaflets or brochures, product packages, and other public places. The advertisement shall not be untruthful, misleading, deceptive, fraudulent, or with an intent to falsify the quality and safety of the goods and services.

Any individual or entity that wishes to advertise their goods or services must obtain an advertising license from the relevant authorities and may apply for an advertising compliance certificate from the Consumer Protection Competition and Fraud Repression Directorate-General of the Ministry of Commerce.

Any violation of this Sub-Decree 232 may be subject to (a) a written warning, (b) suspension, revocation, or cancellation of the advertising license and/or advertising compliance certificate, (c) suspension, revocation, or cancellation of the certificate of incorporation or business licenses by the Ministry of Commerce or other relevant authorities, and/or (d) civil and criminal liabilities imposable under the relevant laws and regulations.

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