Merger Control

The Royal Government of Cambodia issued Sub-Decree No. 60 on Requirements and Procedures for Mergers on 6 March 2023 (“Sub-Decree 60”) to review, monitor and evaluate the impact on competition.

This Sub-Decree 60 applies to all mergers which, directly or indirectly, have or may have the object or effect of significantly preventing, restricting, or distorting market competition in Cambodia.

A proposed merger may or may not require pre-merger notification depending on whether such proposed merger falls under the conditions for pre-merger notification imposed by the Cambodia Competition Commission (“CCC”).

Mergers Subject to Pre-Merger Notification

A proposed merger, prior to its conclusion, must be notified to the CCC. If the pre-merger notification is satisfactory, the CCC may authorize the proposed merger. Otherwise, the CCC may require a subsequent assessment of the proposed merger.

Upon the completion of the subsequent assessment of the proposed merger, the CCC may either (a) authorize the proposed merger without any condition, (b) authorize the proposed merger with conditions, or (c) prohibit the proposed merger if it prevents, restricts, or distorts market competition.

If the proposed merger is authorized, it must be registered within 30 (thirty) working days upon the conclusion of such merger and obtain a certificate of tax compliance from the General Department of Taxation.

Mergers Not Subject to Pre-Merger Notification

Mergers that do not require pre-merger notification is required to notify the CCC after the substantive completion of the mergers.

Advance Ruling Certificate (ARC)

A merger party may request the ARC from the CCC. If granted, the CCC may not challenge the merger within one year from the date of issuance of the ARC, and the merger is considered to satisfy the pre-merger notification requirement.

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