Determination on the Form and Procedure for issuing Temporary Suspension Measures and/or Decisions

The Ministry of Commerce issued Prakas 079 dated 22 February 2023 to determine the form and procedure for issuing temporary suspension measures and/or decisions made by the Competition Commission of Cambodia (“CCC”).

The CCC is entrusted with the power to issue temporary suspension measures and/or decisions regarding any violation of the Law on Competition whereas the Consumer Protection on Competition and Fraud Repression Directorate General has the authority to implement such temporary suspension measures and/or decisions.

A temporary suspension may be issued to avert any substantial harm to the economy or any individual or to defend the public interest in an emergency case. In doing so, the CCC may require the concerned person to suspend any agreement or activity that may violate the Law on Competition or impose such person to perform or not to perform a certain activity.

In addition, a temporary suspension is terminated when (a) it is withdrawn by the CCC, (b) the CCC has made a decision over the matter, or (c) after a period of one year unless such temporary suspension is renewed. Temporary suspension measures can be challenged before the CCC and further appealed to the competent court.

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